BUC Wins SOLE 22

Badr University in Cairo has come out on top of Science Operation Leaders in Egypt (SOLE) after a hypercompetitive contest with different Egyptian universities, such as Nile University, Helwan University, Ain Shams University, Cairo University, Damietta University, Benha University, MSA, Beni-Suef University, and Kafr El Sheikh University. Despite being BUC’s first time to participate in SOLE and most participants being Level one students, the National Biotechnology Competition, which has taken place in Nile University, has ended with the victory of BUC as the university has gotten first and second place.

         Salma Abd-Ellatif and Sara Mahmoud have won first place for their presentation “Agricultural Biotechnology and Nahda Dam,” meanwhile, Mennatullah Ashraf and Mai Saeed have earned second for presenting “Medical Biotechnology and COVID-19.”

         Special thanks are due to Prof. Dr. Maysa Emara, Dean of the School of Biotechnology, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Fahmy Al-Sobhy, School deputy, and the group of faculty assistants: Dr. Hend Hiham, Dr. Yasmine Abd El-Moamen, and Dr. Aya Tariq. Never to forget thanking BUC Science Academy members: Dr. Noura Eissa, Dr. Rana Eissa, Dr. Nadine Hatem, also all the academic staff and the University administrations for their constant support.

         Last but not least, thanks to our participating students who have put their minds and hearts into the competition.

  • NASH project:

Roaa Ibrahim Mohammed (level 2)

Abdallah M Elbadry (level 4) pharmacy

Fatma Mahmoud (level 2)

Esraa Elmahy (level 2)

Mohannad abozeid (level 2)

Heba salah (level 1)

  • Antimicrobial Resistance:

Abdallah Mostafa (level 5)

Fatma Mohammed (level 2)

Rahma Shaban (level 2)

Shourok Yasser ( level 2)

Ramez Ragaiy (level 1)

Rawan Hassan (level 1)

  • Agricultural Biotechnology and El-Nahda Dam:

Salma Abdullatif (level 1)

Sara Mahmoud (level 1)

  • Medical Biotechnology and COVID-19

Menntullah Samy (level 1)

Mai Saeed (level 2)