Healthcare Quality and Accreditation Diploma

The Institute of Professional Development and Continuing Education at Badr University celebrates the completion of the activities of the fourth and final module of the Golden Batch of Quality and Accreditation Diploma for Healthcare. A few days ago, we started with a single step, and today we are proud of gaining all that hard work. Despite the challenging journey, we had a clear objective in mind and worked diligently to attain it. Today, we are about to do so, retaining the lead and our commitment to be always first.

In a glad atmosphere, the Institute’s administration celebrated the completion of the activities of attending the fourth and final semester of the golden batch of the Diploma in Quality and Accreditation of Health Facilities, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Hassan Al-Qalla, Chairman of the Board Trustees of Badr University, Prof. Dr. Amr Al-Etreby, Vice President of Badr University, Prof. Dr. Farid Muharram, Dean of the School of Business & Economics and Dean of the Institute of Professional Development and Continuing Education, Dr. Ahmed Al-Badri, expert in quality, accreditation and academic supervisor for diploma,Dr. Ibtisam Mounir, consultant for health care quality and accreditation at Badr University, And the ceremony was honored by the diploma lecturer, Dr. Islam Abu Yousef, Vice President of the General Authority for Accreditation and Health Control. Dr. Ahmed Al-Sheikh, an expert on quality and accreditation in Egypt and the Arab world.

In appreciation of the management of the institute and its scholars’ efforts to maintain the direction and caliber of the academic study that was presented and approved in line with the growing demand for the presence of a hospital accreditation specialist, as well as the efforts of the state to implement the comprehensive health insurance project and accredit hospitals, words of appreciation were spoken during the ceremony. The efforts of the Golden Batch students were also recognized and praised, and they were given the best wishes for a better opportunity on the road to success in the area of healthcare quality and accreditation.