School of Applied Arts Visits Museum of Zakaria El-Khanani

School of Applied Arts, Department of Ceramics and Glass, has organized training for students at the Museum of Zakaria El Khanani, under the supervision of Dr. Marwa Ahmed Sadik, a teaching assistant at the School of Applied Arts. This museum is considered one of the most important museums in the world; it includes sculptural works of art and glass. Hence the idea of establishing the museum, whose design is designed to reflect the aesthetics of glass, is to decorate it with huge windows to allow for the display of works in natural light. The training began with students visiting the museum garden and viewing a statue of the work of the artist Aida Abdul-Karim of Red Stone that symbolizes the duality of work and thought with bonding and affection. After that, students carried out their own designs and training on how to handle their projects; using different methods to make the necessary mixtures to come out with marvelous glass art.