School of Engineering Holds the “Re-establish the Connection Between Man and Nature” Seminar

School of Engineering held the “Re-establish the Connection Between Man and Nature” seminar. The Seminar was held by Dr. M. Hendawy, architect and researcher and the chairman of MH Architects & Built Environment Stars. “Humans are naturally part the Mother Nature. Architects have to remain silent and enhance the connection between Man and Nature in order to create Livable, Healthy, Comfort, and Enjoyable Places and Spaces, which have a Positive Impact on Individuals’ Psychological & Physical condition.” this is the main idea that Dr. Hendawy focused on and stood for. The seminar discussed an Introduction to the New Design Paradigm that is dominant in the Design Market Globally Nowadays, and the objectives of the seminar came as follows: 1. Recognize the importance of man’s attachment to nature and raise awareness of the importance of architecture which has a positive impact on human beings. 2. Discuss the negative effects of today’s built environment on humans such as psychological stresses, disordered behavior, and diseases. 3. Stresson the role of nature-loving design “Biophilic Design Approach” in improving the relationship between man and his environment is described through a range of design styles with special considerations in design. 4. Display various and distinctive project designs in architecture and interior design using the biophilic design of architect Mohamed Hindawi, for example, the most important of which is the first Biophilic Tower project in Egypt. 5. Motivate students to acquire new knowledge and take advantage of the experiences of distinguished architects in the Egyptian and international markets.