School of Linguistics and Translation obtains accreditation from the National Association


The English Language Program and the Italian Language Program – School of Linguistics and Translation- BUC have obtained accreditation from the National Association for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Educational Institutions, “NAQAA”.

The two programs that applied for accreditation had obtained it from the first time, as declared by the Dean Professor Hussein Mahmoud. This accreditation comes as a final result of the efforts exerted by the work-team in the School of Linguistics and Translation, with the support of Prof. Hassan Al-Qalla, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and all University leaders.

It is noteworthy that the accreditation of  University Programs comes after verifying the quality of educational outcomes, ensuring quality in performance methods and excellence in the educational service provided. It is also a reflection of  the deep rooted culture of work quality, not only in the programs that have been granted the accreditation, but for the entire educational institution.

In this occasion the School of Linguistics and Translation will hold a grand ceremony to celebrate the accreditation certificate that proves that the programs meet the National Standards for the Languages’ Sector with regards to institutional capacity and educational effectiveness.