School of Linguistics and Translation Welcomes ICA

The School of Linguistics and Translation at Badr University in Cairo received on Thursday, February 2, 2023 and Monday, February 6, 2023, the President and representatives of International Chinese Language Teachers Association ICA. The delegates praised the fruitful partnership with Badr University and highlighted the primary fields of cooperation such as:

1 – Providing scholarships for students of the Chinese Language Department.

2- Donating academic books and references to the School’s library.

3- Encouraging Chinese students to study Arabic for non-native speakers for a short-term or to enroll in the master’s degree in Arabic for non-natives offered at the School of Linguistics & Translation BUC.

4. Coordinating work on grants offered to teaching Chinese to foreigners.

5- Developing a plan for future trainings and events.

The meeting was hosted by the Dean of the School of Linguistics & Translation and attended by the Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, the Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and International Relations, the Head of the Chinese Language Department and the faculty members of the department