School of Linguistics and Translation Welcomes Stefania Auci

Prof. Dr. Hussein Mahmoud, Dean of the School of Linguistics and Translation at Badr University in Cairo, announced that the school has welcomed the Profound Italian writer Stefania Auci; this took place within the framework of cultural cooperation with the Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo.
This event took place under the auspices of Dr. Fawzi Torkey, President of the University, and under the supervision of Dr. Ibrahim Al-Kalla, Vice-Prisedent of the University for Education and Students Affairs, and Dr. Amr Al-Etrabi, Vice-Prisedent of the University for Postgraduate Studies, Environment, and Community Service Affairs.

The Italian author discussed her novel, The Florios of Sicily, which has been translated into 23 languages worldwide. The novel revolves around the story of a Sicilian family and follows its generations for more than a century.

In the same context, Dr. Lamia Al-Sharif, Head of the Italian Language Department, added that “the writer is moving on a journey through the family history of Vincenzo Florio to the granddaughter of Ignazio, who squandered the family’s wealth over loud parties.” The novel captures the many lives of Italy’s most notorious family, the Florios, from their humble origins as impoverished shopkeepers to becoming the uncrowned kings of Sicily.