School of Nursing Celebrates International Diabetes Day

School of Nursing at Badr university in Cairo celebrated International Diabetes Day, under the patronage of Dr. Fawzy Torky, President of the University, and Dr. Mohamed Soliman, the General Secretary of BUC. Several activities were conducted: students participated by giving lectures on health education that included the keys to a healthy diet, exercises, insulin injections, juvenile diabetes, gestational diabetes, and hygiene.Laboratory measurements were tested including blood pressure, blood glucose, hemoglobin, height and weight, and body mass index. Participants were invited from all the different schools and administrative department staff. The campaign covered, as well, children with special needs and their families and the school of Dentistry outpatient children’s clinic. The event had a huge audience interested in receiving information about their health and the will change one’s health habits and lifestyles for the best. A major positive outcome is how nursing students came to the realization of the importance of their roles.