School of Oral and Dental Medicine Celebrates the Graduation of Class 2020

On the 18th of March, 2020, the School of Dentistry ALUMNI returned to the BUC campus for a celebration ceremony. BUC School of Dentistry has celebrated the graduation of its Class 2020. The Campus has been filled with the smiles of students, the words of congratulations from the faculty, and the feelings of accomplishment among everyone. The 234 graduates have been awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Oral and Dental Medicine.

 As graduates walked across that stage, the tails of their capes shone with all the challenges they had to endure and overcome, especially in the time of Covid.

The ceremony was held under the supervision of Dr. Hassan Al-Kalla, President of the University’s Board of Trustees, and sponsored by Dr. Fawzi Turki, President of the University. The University was honored by the presence of Dr. Tariq Salahuddin Hussain, Chairman of the Dental Sector Committee of the Supreme Council of Universities, and Dr. Ihab Heikal, President of Egyptian Dental Syndicate, who has read the Hippocratic Oath to the graduates.

In his speech, Dr. Fawzi Turki has congratulated the dentists of the future on their achievement and thanked their parents for their hard work and sacrifices. The President has wished everyone the best of luck in the future and has praised all faculty members of the School of Oral and Dental Medicine for their mighty efforts. In the same vein, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Kalla, Vice-President of the University for Education and Student Affairs, has urged the graduates to be faithful and dedicated to their work and to keep educating themselves on an ongoing basis. “Badr University in Egypt will always welcome you. We will be happy to offer you different means of academic and professional enrichment: postgraduate studies, research, workshops, conferences, and seminars to help you thrive in a challenging labor market,” he added.

The Graduation Ceremony, which has been organized by the School of Filmmaking and Performing, was a farewell to our beloved students and a reminder that as they venture out to the real world, our University will be their academic home for life.