The Second Annual Architecture Exhibition Gala 2022

BUC Architecture Engineering Department had held its Annual Architecture Festival Day on Monday, 21st of March, 2022. The annual Exhibition Gala is among the student activity’s main events, which include many educational, cultural, and recreational activities. The Exhibition had been divided into various sections; Architecture Project gallery, Maquettes area, Entertainment playing area, Students artistic hobbies area, and the hall that had gathered the students, the staff members, and the teaching assistants.

 In the presence of Prof. Dr. Fawzi Turki, the President of Badr University in Cairo, Prof. DR Ibrahim El-Kalla, Vice President of Badr University for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Amr ElAtreby, Vice President of the University for Graduate Studies, Research, and International Cooperation, Prof. Dr. Aref Soliman, Dean School of Engineering and Technology, Prof. Moatasem Shaheen, Vice Dean School of Engineering and Technology, and the Departments Heads, the Department of Architecture has awarded its outstanding students.  

The annual activity aims to exhibit the educational outputs of various program courses: architectural projects and Maquettes from different semesters (Spring 2021- Fall 2021) to serve as a visual education, encourage, and motivate the students to develop their architectural scientific and practical skills. The exhibition also helps first-level students; as it introduces the methods and materials required for the execution of architectural projects. The Gala also is a simulation of real practical life; it helps students acquire some general skills like leadership, teamwork, decision making, and problem-solving. The event also incorporates the students’ artwork in various fields as well as the performing arts such as Music, Acting, and photography; this has an indirect relation with Architecture and ensures a positive impact in forming the creative personality of our future architects.