Mission and Objectives


The English Department Program at the School of Linguistics & Translation- Badr University in Cairo enables graduates to bridge the gap among cultures and compete in the labor market. The Program is committed to an outstanding creative educational system based on the fundamentals of scientific research, recent technologies, and critical thinking within the framework of quality assurance concepts that meet labor market requirements and adequately serve the community.

Program General Objectives

  1. Prepare competent specialists in the fields of translation, linguistics & literature.
  2. Foster students’ competence in written, simultaneous, and computer-assisted translation to compete in the labor market.
  3. Acquire necessary academic research skills according to national and international standards.
  4. Demonstrate tolerance of the “Other” through literature while preserving the national identity at the same time.
  5. Qualify students to work in the fields of content writing and editing.
  6. Enhance students’ creative and innovative abilities through an outstanding academic system.