Visit of the Chairman of BUC- Dr. Hassan El Kalla to The Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music (UNTAM)

Dr. Hassan El Kalla visited the Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music (UNTAM), on the 15/07/2021 to sign a memorandum between both institutions for the purpose of building a mutual partnership in the fields of music, education, and science, in addition to the integration of the Ukrainian culture into the cultural and artistic fields studied at the university.

During the meeting, the Rector of the Academy Maksym Tymoshenko spoke about the peculiarities of the educational process of the Kyiv Conservatory, as well as the joint international projects. The head of UNTAM together with the vice-rectors conducted a small tour of the institution and showed the main stage and the Opera Studio of the Academy.
At the end of the visit, the heads of educational institutions exchanged gifts from the Academy, while Maxim Tymoshenko handed Dr. Hassan El-Kalla a Commemorative Medal of UNTAM P.I. Tchaikovsky.

Shout-out to UNTAM