Master’s Degree

  • Master’s Degree in Literature: Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Literature allows students to explore various genres, periods, and literary theories in depth. It involves advanced study of literary works, critical analysis, and research methodologies. Students may engage in intensive readings, seminars, and independent research projects that contribute to the existing body of knowledge in the field of literature. This degree equips students with advanced analytical and interpretive skills, enabling them to critically evaluate and appreciate literary texts, and potentially pursue careers in academia, publishing, writing, or other related fields.
  • Master’s Degree in Translation: A Master’s Degree in Translation focuses on the study and practice of translating texts from one language to another. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of translation theories, techniques, and strategies. They explore different translation approaches, such as literary translation, technical translation, or legal translation. This degree program emphasizes linguistic proficiency, cultural awareness, and the ability to convey the intended meaning and style of the source text accurately in the target language. Graduates may pursue careers as professional translators, interpreters, localization specialists, or work in international organizations, publishing houses, or language service providers.
  • Master’s Degree in Linguistics: A Master’s Degree in Linguistics involves advanced study of language structure, variation, acquisition, and use. Students delve into various subfields of linguistics such as phonetics, phonology, syntax, semantics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, or computational linguistics. They analyze language patterns, conduct empirical research, and explore theoretical frameworks to gain a deeper understanding of how language works. This degree equips students with analytical and research skills, enabling them to pursue careers in academia, research institutions, language technology, language teaching, or language policy and planning.

Master’s Degree in Arabic as a Foreign Language: This specialized program focuses on teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. Students explore the intricacies of Arabic grammar, vocabulary, syntax, and pronunciation. They learn effective pedagogical techniques, curriculum design, and assessment strategies tailored to teaching Arabic as a foreign language. This degree equips students with the skills and knowledge to teach Arabic in various educational settings, such as language institutes, universities, international schools, or as private tutors. Graduates may also contribute to the development of Arabic language teaching materials, curriculum design, or engage in research related to Arabic language education.

Credit hours: 36 Total Hours

  • Core Subjects: 21 hours
  • Elective Courses: 9 hours
  • Thesis Writing: 6 hours

Admission Requirements

  • A Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum grade of C is required for admission to any of the Language Department programs. Applicants must have successfully completed a Bachelor’s program in a language-related field with a grade of C or higher.

  • Any equivalent degrees from other recognized institutions within related fields may also be considered. The evaluation of equivalent degrees will take into account factors such as the curriculum, coursework, and specialization in language-related subjects. The Admissions committees will assess the content and rigor of the applicant’s degree to determine if it aligns with the requirements for admission.

Date of application : 1st August 2024 – 15 September 2024

   Semester Start Date: 1st October 2024.

Professional Translation Diploma

Credit hours: 24

(9 credit hours compulsory courses/ 15 credit hours elective courses).

Duration of Study:

Two academic semesters

Admission Requirements

  • A Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum grade of C is required for the Professional Translation Diploma Program.

Date of application : 1st August 2024 – 15 September 2024

   Semester Start Date: 1st October 2024.

For inquiries and applications:

Phone Number

+2 0100 843 26 76