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  • The Center for Simulation and Skills Development has a Standardized Patient program that employs the characteristics of a real patient thereby allowing the student to learn and be evaluated on acquired skills in a simulated clinical environment.
  • The Patient Modular Program provides the opportunity for trainees to develop their communication skills, clinical examination skills, medical consultation skills, and other skills that contribute to the development and flourishment of professionals in the medical fields, according to the objectives of the simulation-based curriculum.
  • The use of simulation technology is a modern medical teaching technique that enhances the student’s skill through interaction with practical application and critical thinking; this contributes to raising efficiency and reducing medical errors.
  • BUC Simulation Skills Development Center enhances the quality of the training and hence the development of clinical skills for its students at Badr University. In addition to meeting the general need in the health sector for medical education based on simulation, clinical laboratories and simulation units equipped with state-of-the-art technology are used to simulate the hospital workplaces with the aims of educating our students in a safer environment equipped with high-tech simulations to simulate real patients. This helps avoid any errors taking place during the training. 

The Center for Life Support at the Center for Simulation and Skills Development offers a range of life support courses authorized by the American Heart Association.

  •  First Aid and Basic Life Support Skills Workshop (BLS).
  • Events:
  • Curriculum
  • Heart and Lungs Cancer Workshop for College of Pharmacy Students
  • Child University
  • Life Support Essentials Course
  • Participation of students of the Faculty of Human Medicine in the African Health Conference
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