Business and Economics

Degree and Title:
Bachelor’s degree in Economics
Bachelor’s degree in Accounting
Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration

Study Hours/Academic Levels:
132 credit hours/4 academic levels


The School of Business and Economics was founded in 2014, with continuous keen to provide whatever means possible for the welfare and development of the Egyptian society, both scientific and applicable fields. It is an English-medium higher education institution, which provides graduate education to undergraduate students.

The school currently has a total of 33 highly qualified academic staff that consists of 13 Doctors and 20 Teaching Assistants. In terms of physical facilities, the school owns 7 lecture halls, 6 lecture rooms, 2 computer laboratories, 1 conference hall, and 1 meeting room as well as academic and administrative staff offices.

Here in our school, students will have a great opportunity to have plenty of knowledge about social sciences, including accounting, business, finance, human resources, marketing, economics, and political sciences.

Academic Majors and Departments

  • Business Department
  • Accounting Department
  • Economics Department

Meet The Dean

Professor Dr. Amr Elatraby

Professor Dr. Amr Elatraby is the Dean of the School of Business and Economics at BUC and acting as the university Vice-president for Postgraduates studies and International cooperation.

Dr. Amr Elatraby obtained his Ph.D. in Applied Statistics from United States International University, College of Business, San Diego CA, USA in 1992, and received his master’s degree in Statistics from California State University, CA, USA, MBA in 1987.

Professor Amr Elatraby joined Alliant International University, USA as an Adjunct Professor from 2006 until 2008. He Worked as Cultural Attaché of Egypt in London, England from September 2002 until September 2005; then he served as the Dean of the Faculty of Business, Ain Shams University between 2015 and 2017.

In 2017, Professor Dr. Amr Elatraby Worked as an Educational and Cultural Consultant of Egypt in the Republic of Austria.

His research focuses on Statistics. One of his long-term interests is time series analysis and its application, for example, “Transfer Function Models Application” TQM in Higher Education, James Stein Estimator and Shrinkage application, Logistic Regression applications, Discrete Data Analysis, and Applied Statistics in social sciences.

Professor Dr. Amr Elatraby is active in professional and community service. He was a Fulbright member from 8/5/1999 until 27/9/1999. He contributed to the constitution of  several international agreements with Swedish and American Universities, invited several professors from the USA, and he was the Head of the student union at the Faculty of Commerce, Ain Shams University, for the academic year 2001-2002.

Know More

Dean’s Word

Welcome to the Business and Economics School at BUC. Here, we prepare students for leadership roles, fosters entrepreneurial growth, and conducts cutting-edge research that informs business practice. We prepare students to become experts in their chosen field, ready for practice on graduation day.

We teach students to think deeply, broadly, creatively, and analytically—to seek out new ideas every day and to become lifelong learners. We also produce leaders who are engaged with urgent social and ethical challenges in contemporary business and society.

Business and Economics School Teaching Staff lead students on their adventure of deep learning and personal development. They bring their passions for their fields of study and their rigorous methodologies into the classroom. And our top-notch students respond in kind. They learn from the way our faculty members frame problems, put forward hypotheses, and offer evidence rather than mere supposition—critical lessons for future leaders. They draw connections between their fields of growing expertise and the wider world.

Our students don’t just become technically proficient in their chosen careers ,which they all do. They learn how to make a difference, wherever they go. I invite you to learn more about our distinctive approach to Business and Economics education at our school.

Professor Dr. Amr Elatraby

Dean of Business

School Department Heads

Associate Professor. Jebril Alhelalat

Head of the Business Administration Department

Assistant Professor. Khaled Abdella

Acting as Head of the Economics Department

Associate Professor. Mohamed Hessian

Head of the Accounting Department

Professor Dr. Amr Elatraby

Head of the Statistics and Quantitative Methods Department

Career Opportunities

Business Department

  • Marketing and Communication Companies
  • Sales and marketing departments
  • Technology, e-services and e-marketing companies
  • Logistic Companies
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Media and Public Relations Companies
  • Schools, universities and Education Organizations
  • Training Companies
  • Production Companies (factory administration and logistics management)
  • Hospitals and Health Management organizations
  • Trade Companies and general merchandising services
  • Hotel, resorts and restaurants administration
  • Entertainment industries
  • Event planning and management organizations
  • Tourism agencies and tourism companies
  • Business counselling
  • Human resources, recruitment companies and HR departments
  • Market research and data management companies
  • Banks and Financial management organizations



Accounting Department

  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting Manager
  • Accounts Payable Manager
  • Accounts Receivable Manager
  • Budget Analyst
  • Internal Auditor
  • Financial Officer
  • Financial Controller
  • Cost Controller
  • External Auditor
  • Forensic Accountant
  • Government Accountant
  • Tax Accountant

Economics Department

  • Economist
  • Financial risk analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Financial planner
  • Economic researcher
  • Financial consultant
  • Investment analyst
  • Actuary

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