Orientation Day -School of Biotechnology

The orientation day of Biotechnology School took place on Tuesday, October 5, 2021, in the presence of Dr. Hassan El-Kalla, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Fawzy El-Turki, President of the University, Prof. Amr El-Atreby, Vice President for Graduate Studies and International Relations, as well as Prof. Dr. Maisa Emara, Dean of the School, and Prof. Mahmoud Fahmy, Vice Dean of the School and Director of the Science Academy at the university.

Dr. Hassan El-Kalla talked about three very important axes for each student and the constantly changing job opportunities for the fields of biotechnology and genetic engineering, and that the student should pay attention to excel in the achievement of the English language during the first academic year and adhere to the suitable appearance for the university student.

This was followed by a speech by the President of the University in which he spoke about the importance of students’ participation in activities at the school level and at the university level. Moreover, Dr. Amr El-Atreby spoke on the importance of work and diligence as the way to excel.

Dr. Maisa Emara proceeded to brief the students about the fields of work and the available training through the partnership with Capital Med and other medical companies.

The speech carried further with Dr. Enas Abdel-Baki, an Instructor of Biology at the school and the Director of the Quality Unit, she spoke about the school’s vision and mission, the importance of quality for students, and how students participate in all areas of quality.

Professor Nagy, Director of Student Care, talked about the various activities offered by the university, where there are playgrounds for practicing different sports, and there is a department for youth care, in addition to various artistic activities including singing, acting, poetry, and drawing. This was followed by a speech by Dr. Salah Salem about the different departments, the lectures halls, classrooms, laboratories, and the role of the academic advisor. Then Dr. Mohammed Ali, A Professor of Chemistry at the school, talked about the learning management system (LMS) and how to access the site, obtain lectures, and how to effectively interact with the course’s professor remotely.

The meeting concluded with Mohamed Mahmoud, one of the school’s first students, with a message to the newcomers about how to excel in the school and the support that the student receives during the study. Roaa Ibrahim, one of the students participating in the school’s research team, talked about how to participate in research during the summer semester and the most important achievements that took place last year.